Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

Your new team for TCCV


David Robinson 

NW Tasmania Community Media & Culture Inc

David has been teaching and supporting STEM activities at the Hive and EcoFest. He has started a small business, Ulverstone IT to help anyone with computer issues and is a member of the Chamber of Commerce. David is looking forward to growing the paper to be a one stop shop for everything happening on the Central Coast and creating a new website to allow readers to easily share the good news.

Jennifer Hamilton 

NW Tasmania Community Media & Culture Inc

Jennifer is an endlessly curious human. She lived and worked in Yosemite and Grand Canyon National Parks in her early adulthood before moving to mainland Australia and then to Tasmania with her young family. She is often asked why choose to settle down here on North West Coast. She replies that this region, and specifically the Central Coast, aligns most with her and her family’s values – a strong sense of community, easy access to incredible nature, an abundance of locally grown food, the spirit of entrepreneurship is alive and well, and the education options found here. Since arriving she has helped create a seasonal installation at HIVE, created Lean AI a software startup to help train Ag workers through Enterprize Tasmania’s 

incubator program, and hosted EcoKids for NW EcoFest. Jennifer is thrilled to help celebrate and uplift the local ideas, creations, communities, and businesses that call this region home. She is passionate about supporting local ventures and our community.

Jillie Ball – editor The Central Coast Voice

I am some time resident of Ulverstone. For my teen age years at High School and now as an older person since 2017.  The history, fauna, flora, and geography of this region of Tasmania is my special interest.  I have a passion for the local community wishing to be a behind the scenes person in conveying communications between local residents for connectivity and local knowledge.

Lesley and Doug Begg – Kentish Print

Doug and Lesley Begg operate Kentish Print established in 2014 for the sole purpose of providing printed editions of The Kentish Voice and The Central Coast Voice for the respective local communities. The aim was to provide timely printing and distribution of each edition at a cost that made it possible to keep the advertising costs as low as possible for a superior print quality. Doug and Lesley will continue to provide this service for the new publishers of The Central Coast Voice.

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