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Ulverstone IT is a new Computer Business looking to help the community and businesses use their technol- ogy better. We are a registered Small Business Mentor with Digital Solutions Tasmania, who are supported by the Australian Government. We can connect you with business mentors all over Tasmania in many different fields.

Below are two interesting stories from customers in May.

Unwanted US Dollar VISA Transactions

A customer came in with mysterious charges in US dollars on their credit card from a business theydidn’t recognize. We checked the business website to see if it looked legit, we found it was designed to confuse the reader and get more information from them.

The customer did everything right – they had a VISA card with a small credit limit and as soon as they noticed the charged on their statement, they went to their bank to change their credit card number and reverse the charges.

We helped by checking their phone, their primary internet tool, and removing unnecessary applications that might have leaked information. We also turned off as much phone advertising as possible in the Android settings to reduce the risk of companies getting personal information.

We suggested they enable their banking app to monitor their credit card weekly instead of waiting for the monthly statement. This helps catch any suspicious activity sooner.

Unfortunately, with businesses being targeted and large groups earning an income by stealing personal information and credit cardnumbers regularly, this problem might get worse before it gets better. So, if you have a VISA card, it’s best to keep an eye on it and don’t link it to your primary source of funds.

Bitcoin Financial Scams

There are ongoing scams where people are contacted and asked to invest in cryptocurrency schemes. These schemes often promise big returns for a small deposit, followed by requests for larger and larger deposits. When you try towithdraw your investment, they disappear or give excuses for delays.

If you’re thinking about investing in cryptocurrency, it’s best to use Australian crypto businesses that are registered with AUSTRAC and ASIC. These businesses are legally required to keep your data and money safe. Yes, you’ll need to learn how to use them, which means you take on the risk and reward of trading.If you have any technical questions or issues with cryptocurrency, feel free to reach out.

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