Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

Castra Falls Secured for the next 10 years


The Central Coast Council has signed a lease agreement with Sustainable Timber Tasmania, allocating responsibility for the care and management of Castra Falls and its surrounding area, totalling approximately 48 hectares, to the Council. This arrangement establishes the area as a public recreational reserve for the community’s enjoyment.

Situated on Permanent Timber Production Zone land managed by Sustainable Timber Tasmania, the area’s lease spans ten years, granting the Central Coast Council the option for renewal to maintain ongoing stewardship. 

“Five waterfalls and an abundance of wildlife and flora are just a few of the many reasons why this place is so highly valued and appreciated by the community.”

“The area forms part of the Coast to Canyon Pathway alongside Leven Canyon and Preston Falls, all of which are extraordinary places and enjoyed by both residents and visitors.” Said Mayor Fuller.

Sustainable Timber Tasmania has confirmed that it has no plans to conduct forest operations at Castra Falls and is pleased with this positive outcome for the Central Coast.

Image: Castra Falls by Laurie Davison

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