Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

Tasmania’s business startup space


Are you drawn to the idea of starting your own business, have a startup idea, or just curious about the world of startups? Jump over to Tasmania’s own free on-demand startup program:


The management committee of The Central Coast Voice went through their previous programs and learned a lifetime of knowledge about how to scale a business and use lean business principles.

The Activate program consists of seven self-paced modules, designed for both newcomers and budding entrepreneurs. The binge worthy sessions can be completed in less than a day or more deeply over several weeks.

You might even see one of the committee members in the videos!

There are other programs offered by Enterprise Tasmania that help people take the next steps in starting their new business or expanding upon existing ventures. The Voice highly recommends giving it a Free try.

Once you’ve been through the program, please consider letting The Voice newspaper know and we can put up an interview on your idea and how the program supported it.

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